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Fee Structure

Good Causes, Inc. makes available affordable and quality fiscal sponsorship services to selected nonprofit organizations and community groups. All accounting records are maintained on Fund E-Z accounting software. Terms, services, and fees are defined in a written Memoranda of Understanding specific to each organization’s mission and needs. A standardized fee structure applicable to Client organizations is outlined below. All organizations must be a member in good standing with the New York Council of Nonprofits, Inc.

Fees for Fiscal Sponsorship Services

GC services are provided under a fee-for-service arrangement and charged as follows:


  • Engagement Fee (One Time Fee):                         

    • $500 - (Budget under $100,000 with no government contracts

    • $1,000 - Budget greater than $100,000 with or without government contracts

  • Fiscal Sponsorship Services     

    • $46/hour - billed in 1/2 hour increments (1/2 hour minimum) on a monthly basis

    • Fiscal Sponsorship Fees includes:

  • Bank Reconciliations

  • Cash receipts and disbursements

  • File maintenance

  • Third-party reporting/vouchering

  • General ledger, subsidiary ledger maintenance

  • Budgeting assistance

  • Accounts receivable/payable maintenance

  • Payroll journal maintenance

  • Financial reports: $25.00 per report

  • Vouchering: $46 per hour, billed in 1 hour increments – 1-hour minimum

  • A pro-rata share of GC's professional and other insurance will be allocated to our fiscal sponsorship groups on a quarterly basis

  • Reimbursements to GC for postage used: billed at actual dollar amount per month

  • Reimbursements for facsimile pages, incoming or outgoing: billed at $1.00 per page

  • Photocopies: $0.10 per page 

  • Additional fees may be incurred for consultations w/GC’s Audit firm

  • Fees may be waived by prior agreement for applicable administration percentage

  • 10% administrative fee to cover incidental charges and administrative support

Please Note: Interest earned on any funds covered by this arrangement is retained by GC.

All fiscal sponsorship clients may utilize NYCON Consultation and Training services at their member rates, posted at .

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